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So you want to help out our server? Here's all the info you need for applying.

The Ranks:

Owner/Superadmin -
Unavailable. Duh.

Admin -
Reserved for Hitbox Hero employees.

Moderator -
The highest position available to the public. You must earn this.

Operator -
Has a few powers to help regulate positive gameplay on the server. Notifies upper ranks of problems that are not within their power to control.

Respected -
People we respect within the Hitbox Hero community. Has access to a few commands.

These beautiful people donated to our server. There are no moderating-type powers here, but you have access to a few fun commands others will not. You also get rewards based on what you donate. See donation page. (You may not apply for this rank. It is through donation only.)

  • To advance in rank, you must have acquired the previous rank. Applications start at Respected and Operator. If you try to apply for Moderator or Admin before you earn the respective ranks, your post will be ignored as I will assume you did not read this sticky.

The Setup:

This is how we would appreciate your applications to look. Please answer all of the questions below pertaining to your desired rank. For example, a person seeking Moderator would answer all of the questions in BLUE, as well as all of the other questions above those.

Basic Details:



Basic Information:

How active are you on our Server? (Hours, Days):

Total Time Played in GMod:

Have you been previously been banned?
If yes, why?

Previous Experience?:

Do You Have A Microphone?

How will you help Hitbox Hero's Gmod server?

Why do you want your position?
How would you deal with a person breaking the rules (Cheating, harassing others, etc.)?
Can you be level-headed when it comes to trolls and rude people?
Are you OK with being assertive when necessary?
How would you handle a person who continually griefs the server?
How would you handle a staff member who is abusing their powers or harassing others?
See Twillÿ for

  • DISCLAIMER - Hitbox Hero reserves the right to deny any candidate for any reason. Hitbox Hero also reserves the right to strip the powers and rank from any previously approved staff who violates any rule; written, spoken or otherwise (with or without warning). Becoming a GMOD SERVER STAFF MEMBER does NOT make an individual a Hitbox Hero employee, nor give them access, privilege or power on the FORUMS, WEBSITE, SOCIAL MEDIA or OTHER Hitbox Hero OUTLETS. Applications for server staff are to be understood as such, as the server and our other media outlets are separate entities.


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