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As a random person from the internet I'd like to share my thoughts on certain things!

I like pretty boys (And girls, I swing both ways <3), comedy and silliness... Also magic.
So here are my top ten that I would recommend!

10: Accel World / Axel world  (Subtitled) 24 Episodes, ongoing manga.
Even if not for the really interesting story line the character development is nothing to laugh at. Not to mention pretty school avatars and gorgeous fight scenes, the main character may have a bit of a Mary sue complex as he may be the 'only person to do so and so' and end up a bit OP, but it really is worth watching.
Re-watch ability = 6/10

9: Soul Eater Not! (Pretty sure its subtitled) 12 Episodes, Ongoing manga.
A spin off of one of my favorite series, Soul Eater Not is a comedy that is seriously light hearted but with a good dark tone and a good dark world to live in, something to watch after watching Soul Eater but feel free to watch it if you havn't. The characters get a great development and its really well animated.
Re-watch ability = 7/10

8: K-On, 13 Episodes.
The complete randomness is just amazing but this school slice of life musical fest just makes my inner little girl squee. How can you say no to these adorable babies? Do I need to say more?
Re-watch ability = 8/10

7: Squid Girl (Shinryaku! Ika Musume) 12 Episodes
On the same lines as K-On, this is a short but amazingly sweet anime that will make you squee and just enjoy watching over and over again.
Re-watch ability = 8/10

6: Ouran High School Host Club (English and Subtitled) Episodes 26
I have the DVD box set to this... I re watch this all the time, and it was hard not to put this in my top five. Almost a slice of life high school comedy but not quite. A very light reverse Harem wit great comedy value and VERY pretty animation, the characters all develop exceptionally well and you'll soon be shipping everyone with someone!  Seriously if you have never shipped before, you will do after watching this!
Re-watch ability = 9/10

5: Fairy Tail, Over 100 episodes and still airing... Ongoing manga.  (Some English, mostly subbed.)
This is one of the newer 'big' animes, this is going to take a lot of your time if you get started into it but god is it good... I personally have stopped watching the ongoing anime and just currently read the manga as it comes out, but god do I look forward to the beginning of the month for the next chapter.
Re-watch ability = 2/10

4: Soul Eater, 51 episodes, Finished manga. (English *coughs*, Subbed) (I cant watch in English, I just laugh too much at Black Stars voice too much.)
I love this anime... I seriously do, I re watch this at least three times a year and its never gotten boring, I re-read the manga often as well... It makes me wonder what kind of person I would be in that beautiful dark world. I seriously would either rock a morning star, or become one. Just so much love in this anime. Great comedy timing, f*cking brilliant animation and AMAZING characters!
(I also do NOT know the words to paper moon word by word, off by heart... I dont know what your talking about...)
Re-watch ability = 10/10

3: Black Butler.... (Kuroshitsuji) 24 Episodes, Ongoing manga.
How can I be a pretty boy lover and NOT have this here... Sebastian is my secret lover. Seriously. I would do many naughty things to that demon. *coughs*, If anything the story line is fantastic, good comedy timing and some Pretty Dark as hell episodes. I've corrupted quite a few people into anime with this.
Re-watch ability = 7/10

     A: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Magic, pretty boys, comedic timing, brilliant story, Dark as hell themes, amazing characters and a detailed world? Brotherhood follows the manga more closely than the original FMA, but seriously, this is something you need to take a day out for and just enjoy this thrilling adventure.
Re-watch ability = 8/10

     B: Hellsing Ultimate (OVA)
Vampires... F*cking hated them for the longest time after Twilight came out until I found this gore fest of a comedy, man I would do many naughty things to Alucard as well. With great animation, characters and comedic timing I would strongly recommend having some time to watch this and then go watch Team Four Star do the abridged version if you havn't all ready... Because seriously, B*tches love cannons.
Re-watch ability = 10/10

1: Kamigami no Asobi (Play of the gods) Subtitled only.
Newly released this is a anime adaptation of a dating simulator game, and yes, this is a light reverse harem (dont worry you see nothing). On the same lines of Ouran High School Host Club this is a BEAUTIFUL anime that has a dark story to it near the end. I corrupted my mother to anime with this, and now she has posters of the characters in her room.
I would do many many naughty things with this game.... Many naughty things.
Re-watch ability = 10/10

Specials that didn't make the cut:

Blood C: Gore fest... Simply that, I watch this when I'm severely stressed and want to kill someone, it appeases my inner murder

Attack on Titan: Same lines as Blood C, I enjoy it but for my inner murderer.

Dangan Ronpa: Again inner murderer :3

Cartoons that I watch:
My Little Pony: Friendship is magic
Steven Universe
Mystery Falls
Star Butterfly and the forces of Evil

Dragons are awesome!
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K-On!, Soul Eater, Ouran and SQUID GIRL! [biggrin] Yes! Some of those are in my Top 10 as well. Squid Girl is, for shore (see what I did there?). I have a list, I know I do.. I'll have to think really hard and make a post about it sometime.

Also, I've been wanting to watch FMA:Brotherhood, but I'm always super late to watching anime.. by like.. years. Going to have to check it out eventually.


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Solid list, Jessi! I don't think my anime list is big enough to include 10, but I can give a top 5 of my own [tongue]

1. K-On! (both seasons)
2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (season 1 and the Disappearance movie only. I disliked season 2 because of the repetitive Endless Eight episodes.)
3. Lucky Star
4. Rozen Maiden (seasons 1 and 2, haven't finished season 3)
5. Steins;Gate even though I'm only 2/3 of the way through it. Number 5 is the hardest one to choose. I love the time travel concept though, so it beats out some honorable mentions such as Azumanga Daioh and Panty&Stocking.
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