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I'm Jessi, and I've cosplayed quite a few things from anime to games, even My Little Pony and Furries!

All of my cosplay (Except Attack on Titan and Artemis ), is Hand made or Charity Shop bought and edited into cosplay!
I was thinking on doing a little step by step process on how to make things and make along with me, so if you have any suggestions on what you might like to see. I'll start with basic stuff even the most handicapped person can do!


Things I can show you!

How to make skirts from scratch, (This can range from easy to hard as there are many types of skirts!)

Corsets! (Haaard~)

Accessories Such as horns, necklaces and stuffs.(Give me what you want to make and I'll help you make it!)

Armour! (Hard!)

How to make a yarn tail (Easy but a lot of time!)

Random stuff I've done in my spare time but I've taken pictures of it anyway!

  20150401_225544.jpg  20150401_225551.jpg  20150401_225521.jpg  [image] 



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Post your favorite cosplay that you ever did! I know you've done a lot [tongue]

The one I remember most was that girl from Fairy Tail (even though I've never seen the anime)
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