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I saw an article floating around social media and I wanted to give my thoughts on this matter.

You can find the link here --

I'm sorry, but this is dumb. Nobody should ever be ashamed of their body. I agree with that, but these 'realistic' body types.. realistic for who, exactly? If you are planning on fighting in combat or raiding tombs -- bottom line is, you're going to have to be fit.

These game characters aren't playing in games where they wake up, start their day at Starbucks and end their day at McDonalds. They have combat ready bodies. People who perpetuate these as negative portrayals are part of the same problem they are trying to point a finger at.

Aside from the clothing choice and outrageous breast sizes, none of these characters are portraying unrealistic expectations of women (or people). These characters and their bodies fit the role that they are meant to play. If you are going to to be exploring dungeons and fighting for your life on a daily basis, you need to be in shape. But chances are that real, everyday people aren't going to be doing that and don't need that physique. Man, this argument is old and needs to die off already.

Maintain a body that fits your lifestyle/needs and always strive for good health. Nothing to be ashamed of if you don't look like these characters. You don't fight for a living. The end.


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