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It's finally happening! I can't believe it!

I have waited 14 years (half of my life) for this announcement. During Sony's E3 press conference tonight it finally happened. Shenmue III was announced and I cried man tears of happiness! If you don't know what Shenmue is, please.. Google yourself into one of my favorite games ever. We were left at a cliffhanger over a decade ago and now the time has come to finish this saga!

Sure, it was announced as a Kickstarter campaign, but I know this is Sony testing the waters to see if it is worth their investment. And seeing as only 2 hours into it's time open, the campaign garnered 1 MILLION of it's 2 million goal and is still growing. Half of the asking goal within 2 hours and there are 31 days left to pledge. My heart is so full of joy!

The game is slated to release on PC/PS4 if funded. I cannot stress how much of a console seller this is for me (or at least major incentive to build a better PC). The community for Shenmue has been so very involved over the past decade for this to become reality and now I sit here with my brethren and rejoice.

I would never ask anyone to put forth money like I have, but here is the Kickstarter link if you're interested! (Or just want to watch the number grow, like I am!)

This is by far the biggest and best news for me this E3! I hope this succeeds the goals by a long shot and proves to the doubters that this game was worth waiting and campaigning for!


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